Lovebirds of 2014 | Vote!

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We never could have anticipated this fantastic year! As we look back at the couples we spent 2014 with, Eileen and I feel blessed beyond words. Before anything, the new friendships we made and the thriving marriages we see have made the past twelve months a huge success.

Admittedly, we had high hopes for this year. But reality turned out even better! We were honored with new international awards; shot our first wedding in Vail, CO (and had our first run-in with a wild moose!); and enjoyed teaching at some of the photography industry’s biggest events, including WPPI in Las Vegas and ShutterFest in St. Louis. We even received invitations to return as instructors again next year! (Wow, they’ll let anybody into those things, won’t they?!) We won’t forget the places we visited, the moments we shared, or — most importantly — the relationships we built with the amazing couples you see here. None of it would have been possible without them.

Thank you for letting us into your lives. Thank you for trusting us to tell your stories, to create something tangible and irreplaceable from within your moments. It has been indescribably good.

To show our appreciation, we’re ending this year with a fun giveaway for our one-of-a-kind couples:

The couple with the greatest number of comments on this post will receive a beautiful 16×20 gallery wrapped canvas, from our home to yours! (Every couple who receives at least 25 votes will win a retouched print image; every couple who receives at least 50 votes will win a mounted enlargement.) It’s easy to vote:  just write something creative or caring in the “comments” section below for the couple of your choice!

We love you guys! All of you enjoy your first new year together as husband and wife. What a blessing!

Feel free to “share” and “tweet” this post to get your friends voting. Or even turn your new year’s get-together into a “get out the vote” party! We’d love to hear from all our regular readers, too. Which couple gets your vote? So you know, we’ll count comments — one per person — through January 10, then announce the winner!

Click on any couple’s names to see the rest of their wedding photos!

Charles & Kimberly
Vail Cascade Resort & Spa, Vail, CO
* * *


Andy & Ashley
Little Gardens, Lawrenceville, GA
* * *


Harmony Baptist Church,rural,wedding,
Brian & Kelli
Harmony Baptist Church, Monroe, GA
* * *


Andrew & Megan
Athens First United Methodist Church and The Classic Center, Athens, GA
* * *


Atlanta,GA,Sugarloaf Country Club,autumn,perimeter church,wedding,
Tom & Stephanie
Perimeter Church and Sugarloaf Country Club, Johns Creek, GA
* * *


Brasstown Valley,GA,Young Harris,wedding,
Tommy & Gina
Brasstown Valley Resort, Young Harris, GA
* * *


verizon wireless amphitheatre,wedding,
Nate & Linda
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA
* * *


Sean & Colleen
Foxhall Resort, Douglasville, GA
* * *


Evergreen Resort,Smoke Rise Baptist Church,Stone Mountain,wedding,winter,
Chris & Allison
Smoke Rise Baptist Church and Evergreen Resort, Stone Mountain, GA
* * *


Asheville,Grove Park Inn,NC,spring,wedding,
Jim & Sarah
The Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC
* * *


Adam & Jessica
Athens, GA
* * *




Seth & Lauren
The Carl House, Auburn, GA
* * *


Athens,Botanic Gardens,Day Chapel,GA,Georgia Club,wedding,
Rocky & Deborah
The Day Chapel at the State Botanical Gardens, Athens, GA
* * *


Atlanta,Catholic,GA,Gardens of Kennesaw Mountain,Holy Spirit Catholic Church,wedding,
Brian & Kami
Holy Spirit Catholic Church and The Gardens of Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta, GA
* * *

  1. Jen says:

    Charles and Kimberly, your wedding setting is fabulous!

  2. Megan says:

    Ashley Knutson and Andy have my vote. What a beautiful wedding and even more beautiful couple. You don’t always see love between 2 people like this!!! Love them both and thanks for capturing this amazing day!

  3. Sarah says:

    Sarah & Jim — What a MAGICAL day you captured for us, thank you!!!

  4. Caleb says:

    Best photo – Chris & Allison. That reflection image is begging for some awesome artwork.

    Best smile – Brian & Kelli. Pure joy.

  5. Arirl says:

    Sarah and Jim- I loved their wedding and as photographers you captured what emotions were there in each picture.

  6. Julia R says:

    Tom ❤️ Stephanie! Your work is fantastic and we love how you captured that fun day!

  7. Nicole Gibson says:

    My vote is for Kimberly and Charles. I mean look at them! Look at that setting! All the couples are gorgeous though.

  8. Jessica says:

    Charles and Kimberly!!! Jim and Sarah are a VERY CLOSE second! Beautiful pictures, as always!

  9. Brian Berger says:

    Tom and Stephanie clearly rock.

  10. Sarah s says:

    Allison and Chris’s picture is so romantic!!!

  11. Linda Gore says:

    Adam and Jessica have John’s and my vote. We love the classical elegance of thei entry.

  12. Melissa says:

    Love the pop of color with the red balloons and the GPI roof in Jim and Sarah’s pic.

  13. Patty says:

    I vote for Megan and Andrew’s photo!

  14. Alexandra Pajak says:

    I love Sara and Jim’s! The red balloons are amazing, especially against the backdrop including the grey sky.

  15. Kristen Fuller says:

    I vote for Megan and Andrew Kumming! A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!

  16. Marilyn says:

    Allison and Chris are a gorgeous couple! You really captured their inside and outside beauty!

  17. Asim Siddiqi says:

    Megan and Andrew!
    This poem is for you two
    What a good haiku

  18. Lucy says:

    Megan and Andy!! Most beautiful wedding of the year!

  19. Alice White says:

    My vote is for Allison and Chris!

  20. Alice White says:

    My vote is for Allison and Chris! Allison is such a sweet person, and all of the moments from their wedding day are beautifully captured!

  21. Samantha says:

    I vote Megan and Andrew !

  22. Haley Davis says:

    andrew & Megan

  23. Caroline Hopkins says:

    Yay Megan and Andrew! It was so great to be apart of your special day! Love ya’ll!

  24. Katie says:

    Megan and Andrew! I’m voting here too because I am confused. Love yalllllll!

  25. Angel says:

    iIt’s all about Andrew and Megan!! Could not have been beter pics or better couple!!;-)

  26. SHEA says:

    Megan and Andy~ What an awesome day you captured with your photographs!! Thanks!

  27. Cari says:

    Megan and Andrew!!!!

  28. Susan says:

    Such a magical journey to becoming one! Beautiful inside and out! And the photographers, well they exude the magic themselves with their energy, love, and talent!

  29. Bryn says:

    Allison and Chris.
    love the lighting, its very romantic!

  30. Linda Leverette says:

    I vote for Megan and Andrew—beautiful couple.

  31. Lynn Bryant says:

    Andrew and Megan get my vote! Lovely couple with great photos:).

  32. Gretchen McLeod says:

    Kimberly and Charles….the best. Such a wonderful setting…such softness! Great picture that could tell a beautiful story.

  33. Lauren Connelly says:

    My vote is for Lauren and Seth!!! Of course I am bias!!! Love this!

  34. Kathryn Kay says:

    Seth & Lauren! Beautiful couple & picture!

  35. Helen Harmon says:

    My vote goes to Lauren and Seth! Beautiful pictures!

  36. Lauryn Redman says:

    Seth and Lauren are such a beautiful couple!!! They get my vote 🙂

  37. Lisa Fogie says:

    Seth and Lauren get my vote!

  38. Diane says:

    the Connelly Brown wedding was the best… Lauren and Seth…

  39. Julie Mayzurk says:

    Love Lauren and Seth’s pictures!! They’re beautiful!!!

  40. Nancy K Kemp says:

    Charles and Kimberly have my vote. Their wedding was as beautiful as the enchanted setting. Your photography captured the magic and love that all of us there felt for that sweet young couple.

  41. Carrie Collins says:

    Seth and Lauren’s wedding was beautiful and their photographers did an amazing job of capturing every precious moment!

  42. Lauren Georgia says:

    Lauren and Seth’s wedding was beautiful! The pictures really capture their sweet love for one another!

  43. Dea says:

    Seth and Lauren FTW

  44. Katie Miller says:

    The Connelly/Brown album truly captures the love and emotions!! Great couple!!

  45. Melanie Carey says:

    Kim and Charles!! One of the most magical settings I’ve ever seen. Your photography of it is absolutely beautiful!

  46. Brenda says:

    Seth and Lauren get my vote.

  47. Christy Prince-Simonton says:

    Love Seth & Lauren’s photograph!!!!! Beyond beautiful!

  48. Amber says:

    My vote is for Lauren and Seth!

  49. Prudence Kumming says:

    Andrew and Megan Kumming get my vote 🙂

  50. Lori says:

    Seth and Lauren 🙂

  51. Shannon says:

    Charles and Kimberly – setting was breath-taking. Beautiful!

  52. Cindy says:

    Colleen and Sean! A beautiful day for a beautiful couple!

  53. Allison Laughlin says:

    Lauren and Seth…couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day!! We love you guys!!!

  54. Amy Blocker says:

    Kimberly and Charles…such beautiful photos. Happy for you both!

  55. Janet Roach says:

    Thank Phillip and Eileen you for these gorgeous pictures of Kimberly and Charles. It was such fun! I vote for them!!

  56. Julie Benefield says:

    I absolutely love Lauren and Seth’s wedding photos! I mean how can you not love them…

  57. Chris and Allison look so in love. You capture their inner and outer beauty.

  58. Their pictures display classical romance and beauty!

  59. J Kumming says:

    Megan and Andrew get my vote for most attractive and magnetic couple in the photos. Gorgeous alone, but incredible together!

  60. Anne says:

    I vote for Jim and Sarah, whose real name is Dragonslayer. What an amazing gallery! I cannot imagine how fun the wedding must have been. Continue to have a beautiful, blessed life, you two.

  61. Sarah Pascual says:

    Are 3 votes allowed? They’re all too good to choose!

    In no particular order, I vote for:
    1. Charles and Kimberly because the entire shoot was AMAZING!!!!! And it’s in the snow in CO.
    2. Andrew and Megan’s shot is adorable in every single way. And those buntings in the window!!!!! Ahhhh!
    3. And finally, I REALLY want a photo exactly like Jim and Sarah’s. Red balloons and red shoes and everything!

    Y’all are amazing!!!!!

  62. Ashley Hood says:

    Seth and Lauren!!!

  63. Jan Westberg says:

    I love the snow scene with Charles & Kimberly! Awesome!

  64. s. dryman says:

    Charles & Kimberly’s wedding photos are truly some of the most beautiful and unusual photos I’ve ever seen. Every shot could be an ad in a magazine–all the right moments are skillfully documented. The photographer has enabled the bride & groome and participants to be relaxed and natural–a huge feat on such a heady day! The dramatic outdoor backdrops are incorporated extremely well complimenting but not overwhelming the subjects. And the wedding blues and yellows pop beautifully while matching the areas flowers and blue skies–until it snows! And then wow, wow, wow! Just gorgeous.

  65. Marlena says:

    Kimberly & Charles! What a gorgeous wedding captured perfectly!

  66. Elizabeth says:

    Chris and Allison’s picture is beautiful! What a quiet, intimate moment captured on film.

  67. Jeremy Cain says:

    Andrew and Megan have my vote.

  68. Susannah Kumming says:

    Andrew and Megan are the sweetest couple, and definitely get my vote!

  69. Nan Chunn says:

    I vote for Allison & Chris.

  70. Megan Pierce says:

    Lauren and Seth all the way.

  71. Barbara says:

    Seth and Lauren are a true love story. I vote for them to win the photos. However, they have already won the best gift -love.

  72. Bernie says:

    You all did a fantastic job with Jessica and Adam’s photos! I vote for them.

  73. Katherine says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica! 🙂

  74. Iris Brown says:

    Seth and Lauren! Beautiful wedding!

  75. Taylor Mulryan says:

    I vote for Adam & Jessica

  76. Britni Overall says:

    i vote for Jessica and Adam!

  77. Taylor Renbarger says:

    Definitely voting for Adam and Jessica!

  78. Ally says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  79. Kaylin says:

    I vote for Adam & Jessica!!

  80. Gail Renfroe says:

    i vote for Adam and Jessica…

  81. I vote for Adam and Jessica!!

  82. Ann Austin says:

    Andrew and Megan had the most beautiful wedding I have attended in quite a while.

  83. Jessica says:

    I vote for Jessica and Adam! We love the photos you all took!!!

  84. Nate Bowen says:

    My vote is for Adam and Jessica!

  85. Jawanza Bassue says:

    I vote for Adam & Jessica!

  86. Christy Swafford says:

    Adam and Jessica!!! Duh!!! No one deserve it more!

  87. Dennis Protega says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica.

  88. Adam says:

    We loved the photos for Adam and Jessica. I vote for them!

  89. Kasey says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica! So classic and gorgeous!

  90. Erik Spell says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  91. Kayla Emerson says:

    Love Adam and Jessica’s picture!!! Beautiful bride and groom 🙂

  92. T.J. says:

    Adam and Binks are way too good looking to not win this. I vote for Adam and Binks one million times.

  93. Jessica says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  94. Jarrod says:

    Adam & Jessica!

  95. Courtney says:

    I vote Adam & Jessica! Their photos are stunning!

  96. Stephanie matthews says:

    Jessica & Adam ! ♡

  97. Marilyn says:

    Adam and Jessica! Beautiful couple and wonderful people!

  98. matthew dix says:

    My vote goes to Jessica & Adam !

  99. John English says:

    I vote for Jessica and Adam. Great couple great photos.

  100. Stephanie says:

    Jessica & Adam ♡

  101. John English says:

    I vote for Jessica and Adam. Great couple great photo!

  102. Whitney Lay says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  103. Jennifer says:

    Adam and Jessica Forever!!!

  104. Marcus says:

    We vote Adam and Jessica!!!!!!!!!

  105. Janet says:

    Another one for Adam and Jessica! Love u guys!!!

  106. Katherine says:

    Jessica and Adam’s picture is amazing!

  107. Jessica Cuccio says:

    I vote for Jessica and Adam!!! Not only are their photos so amazing, but as people are so loving and such an amazing couple! I have looked at their photos many times and even considering their photographer for my wedding this September!! Love you guys! :))

  108. Kelsey Weitzel says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  109. courtney cooper says:

    I vote for adam and jessica!

  110. Samantha Elliott says:

    Jessica and Adam have my vote. Great picture!

  111. Iris says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica.

  112. Dana Carlton says:

    Seth and Lauren for sure!

  113. stacy remfroe says:

    Adam and Jessica have my vote! Their photos are simply stunning! Love them:)

  114. Jordan Fuller says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  115. Judy Goodwin says:

    I vote for Adam & Jessica! What a romantic photograph!!

  116. Stefanie Marinelli says:

    i vote for Adam and Jessica

  117. Ginger says:

    Lauren & Seth! Beautiful!!

  118. Ashley Tedder says:

    My vote is for Adam and Jessica!! 🙂

  119. Mari says:

    Kim & Charles- picture perfect!

  120. Alex Gonglach says:

    My vote goes to Adam and Jessica!!!

  121. Robby Hight says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica. Pictures look awesome!

  122. Martin says:

    I vote Adam and Jessica.

  123. Sarah says:

    I vote for Sarah and Jim! Sarah’s wonderful, fun, light and exciting energy truly show in every single photo!

  124. Dan says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica

  125. Michael Binx says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica. Their photos are great!

  126. Keith Nolan says:

    i vote for Adam and Jessica

  127. Da'Lynn mills says:

    jess and Adam!!!!

  128. Jennifer Warren says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!! 🙂

  129. Josh Wren says:

    Adam and Jessica have my vote! Great photos

  130. Caitlyn says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  131. Katie Mosley says:

    Lauren & Seth! So beautiful!

  132. Chris Black says:

    My vote is for Jess and Adam. You all did a great job with their photos!

  133. Holly Lloyd says:

    I vote for Andy and Megan Kumming! It was a beautiful wedding and I love their photos!!

  134. Lizzy shaughnessy says:

    Adam and Jessica!!

  135. Jamie Huber says:

    Jessica and Adam get my vote! 🙂

  136. Allie & Riley Robertson says:

    Stephanie & Tom — the Mitchell’s — are my FAV!!!!

  137. Travis Jackson says:

    Adam and Jessica for sure! No brainer!

  138. Kristi Clemmer says:

    Seth and lairen

  139. Elizabeth Selman says:

    adam and Jessica

  140. Song Kue says:

    Adam and Jessica! Best couple and best wishes for your future!

  141. Steven says:


  142. Ulene says:

    Yes, Lauren and Seth! We had the most beautiful wedding and thanks to Blume, we can can enjoy it over and over. This pic just makes my heart melt.

  143. Bill Pottle says:

    Megan and Andrew.

  144. MMB says:

    Megan and Andy- cutest couple!

  145. Kelly Romine says:

    i vote for Megan and Andrew.

  146. Dianne says:

    Kimberly and Charles…incredibley beautiful!!! Has my vote!

  147. Joni says:

    My vote is for Adam and Jessica!

  148. Vinitha Pastor says:

    Megan and Andrew! Love them!

  149. Lee Davis says:

    My vote is Megan and Andrew. Most fun wedding I’ve been to. Best couple around!

  150. Lisa says:

    I vote Megan and Andrew! Beautiful picture!

  151. Peggy says:

    I vote for Megan and Andrew. They look like they should be in a wedding magazine!

  152. Kelly zapp says:

    My vote is for Adam and jessica!!!!! The picture is so beautiful and sweet and elegant. It captures such personality while being so romantic. Love love love Adam and Jessica ‘ s picture!!! They have my vote!!!!!

  153. C. Shultz says:

    Kimberly and Charles deserve to win–what beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!

  154. Amy Eisenman says:

    Megan & Andrew!!!

  155. Greg Eisenman says:

    Andrew and Megan

  156. DeShannon says:

    I vote Megan and Andrew

  157. David Gregory says:

    Megan and Andrew for the win!

  158. Chris Philbeck says:

    I was on the dance floor the whole night, great wedding! I vote Megan and Andrew

  159. Adrienne McNeal says:

    Megan & Andrew have my vote!!! Happy couple!!

  160. Leilani Thompson says:

    Love Adam & Jessica – such a classy shoot.

  161. Brittany says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  162. Anita Mclane says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  163. Jay Davis says:

    Welcome to the family Andrew. Very Happy for you both. May God Bless you both and your marriage.

  164. Sherri Reynolds says:

    You all take gorgeous pictures! My vote goes to Adam and Jessica, beautiful couple.

  165. Gerri says:

    Adam and Jessica have my vote. Excellent

  166. Mary Rob says:

    I love for Adam and Jessica

  167. Brittany morris says:

    I vote for Adam & Jessica

  168. Carol Fletcher says:

    Adam and Jessica Renfroe are absolutly the best looking couple.

  169. Matt Suber says:

    Another vote for Adam & Jessica!

  170. JMac says:

    Adam and Jessica for the win 🙂

  171. Jessica says:

    seth and Lauren!! Beautiful people and pictures!

  172. Paige says:

    Megan and Andrew are my absolute fav! They have my definite vote

  173. sarah donnini says:

    I vote for Megan and Andrew!!

  174. Katie Watts Renell says:

    Megan and Andrew Kumming!!!

  175. Lea says:

    Andrew & Megan!!

  176. Crystal Connelly says:

    I vote Seth and Lauren all the way!!!

  177. Julie says:

    megan and Andrew! Beautiful on the inside and out!

  178. Terri Dorsey says:

    Voting for Andrew and Megan

  179. Jan Firth says:

    Voting for Megan and Andrew

  180. Jan Firth says:

    Megan and Andrew are the best

  181. Mary Jenkins says:

    Im voting for megan and andrew

  182. Mark Firth says:

    I’m voting for Megan and Andrew

  183. andrea blaesing says:

    voting for andrew and Megan

  184. mike blaesing says:

    andrew and Megan

  185. Clara Tang says:

    Adam and Jessica!!!

  186. Shelby says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  187. Ashley Ivester says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica. I love their photo!

  188. Ashley Fan says:

    My vote goes to Adam and Jessica! Gorgeous!

  189. Michelle Wilson says:

    My vote is for Adam & Jessica.

  190. Mike Karac says:

    I vote Adam and Jessica! Great looking couple

  191. Mike says:


  192. Ree says:

    Voting for Andrew and Megan

  193. Lee says:

    Megan and Andrew

  194. Rick says:

    I’m voting for Andrew and Megan

  195. Mark says:

    Megan and Andrew are the best!

  196. Paige says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica! Their pics are gorgeous!

  197. Rene' says:

    My vote is for Adam and Jessica!!! Beautiful pic!

  198. Pam says:

    Seth and Lauren– beautiful couple; beautiful pictures!

  199. Kristen Kennedy says:

    My vote is for Seth and Lauren! They are truly beautiful inside and out-amazing pics!

  200. AML says:

    Team Renfroe! Jessica and Adam!

  201. john alford says:

    Adam and Jessica make Athens even more beautiful than I remember.

  202. Adam Ivester says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica! Great pics!

  203. Gaynor says:

    Andrew & Megan! Beautiful couple & photo!

  204. Adam Ivester says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica! Great pics

  205. Justin says:

    Megan and Andrew clearly are the best looking couple and have the best picture! They 100% have my vote

  206. Christina says:

    Megan and Andrew have my vote. Megan is the most beautiful bride around!!

  207. Lisa H. says:

    You won’t find a better couple than Megan and Andrew. The picture is fun and beautiful- just like them. I hope they win!

  208. Christian Reynolds says:

    The pic is awesome. I’m voting for Adam and Jess!

  209. Tammy says:

    Alison and Chris have my vote!

  210. Beth Hayslett says:

    Allison and Chris – what a beautiful photo of two beautiful people!

  211. Lyndsay says:

    Lauren and Seth are my vote!

  212. Heather says:

    Lauren and Seth!!

  213. MB says:

    Seth & Lauren because they are simply totes adorbs!

  214. Pam says:

    Brian & Kelli Filligam

  215. Kathy says:

    Lauren and Seth…beautiful couple, beautiful wedding pictures!

  216. Laura says:

    Lauren & Seth Brown!!

  217. Susan Lemon says:

    Seth and Lauren!

  218. Cindy C says:

    Lauren & Seth

  219. Julie McCullers says:

    Seth and Lauren are friends of ours. Now Phillip and Eileen are neighbors of ours!

  220. Sommer says:

    Seth & Lauren Brown

  221. Jeni says:

    Lauren and Seth!

  222. Emily says:

    Seth and Lauren!

  223. Ivey Connelly says:

    Seth and Lauren!! Their wedding was beautiful and oh so fun!!

  224. kim hyman says:

    etseth and Lauren

  225. Doug says:

    Lauren and Seth!

  226. Laura says:

    Seth and Lauren are the nicest couple you could ever meet. Two genuine caring people. You captured their live and sweetness in that photo. True Love

  227. Karen Creighton says:

    Seth and Lauren have my vote. Two of the most precious people I know. This picture is absolutely breathtaking. LOVE!

  228. Blair Inabinet says:

    Seth and Lauren have my vote! Beautiful picture, beautiful couple!

  229. Ashley says:

    Seth and Lauren! Super beautiful!

  230. Katie says:

    Seth and Lauren! Stunning picture!

  231. Lindsay keUse says:

    Megan & Andrew!!!!!!!!!

  232. Suzy VonKutzleben says:

    Lauren & Seth Brown! The nicest couple!!

  233. Erica S. says:

    Adam and Jessica get my vote!

  234. Evae Kaldas says:

    Love Adam and Jessica’s photos! 🙂

  235. Kayla Jones says:

    Jessica and Adam have a gorgeous picture! Love it!

  236. Mallory says:

    Allison and Chris’s picture is the most stunning! Such a beautiful couple!

  237. Lindsay says:

    Sean and Lauren for sure!

  238. Kim says:

    I love Brian & Kell’s photograph! Sweet Love birds

  239. Maggie says:

    Kelli and Brian are such a great and genuine couple!! They are pretty good lookin too 🙂

  240. Kim says:

    Definitely Brian and Kelli! God brought these two wonderful Christian people together. Would love to see them win.

  241. Sara Y. says:

    Jessica and Adam’s picture is stunning! They should win hands down!

  242. Debbie Williams says:

    Brian and Kellie get my vote for their beautiful, simple wedding that focused on their love for each other and their family and friends, and the relationship with the Lord that they share. What a truly precious wedding, and you two captured it perfectly! I was so touched that I cried more at that wedding than my own daughter’s, and again as I viewed their photos!

  243. Jill says:

    Loved being a part of Brian & Kelli’s wedding! You guys did a beautiful job capturing the fun, rustic simplicity of their day and of who they are.

  244. Brian & Kelli are some of our best friends. They are hilariously fun and always up for an adventure! I love the photos y’all took of their special day and their wedding album was incredible!!

  245. Brittney says:

    Kelli and Brian!!!!! Loved their wedding photos!!!!

  246. Brittney says:

    Definitely LOVE Kelli and Brian’s photos!!!!

  247. Becky Baumgartner says:

    Brian & Kelli. Y’all so captured the radiant joy of the day that our favorite daughter gave us our favorite son-in-law.

  248. Ben Venom says:

    I vote for Brian and Kelli! Beautiful wedding!

  249. John E. George says:

    Brian and Kelli. Best wedding photos I have ever seen. Great job!

  250. Kristen Gilbert says:

    Kelli and Brian!

  251. Carol Cowan says:

    Brian & Kelli – captured the beautiful wedding.

  252. Alissa says:

    Kelli and Brian!!!!

  253. Barbara George says:

    Kelli and Brian’s is just so sweet; just like them. The simplicity of the photos really allowed the joy of this couple to shine through.

  254. Stephanie Traylor says:

    I vote for Brian and Kelli from Monroe!

  255. Rus K. says:

    I vote for Andrew and Megan!

  256. Willow F. says:

    Andrew and Megan Kumming for the best wedding photo!

  257. Rachel Lamb says:

    Megan and Andrew! Such a beautiful couple!!

  258. Shamina says:

    Megan and Andrew!

  259. Henkel says:

    Their future is so bright I gotta wear shades! Megan and Andrew to win.

  260. Nina says:

    The best photo is clearly Meagan and Andrew’s!

  261. Zara says:

    I love the clouds in the window, how pretty! Megan and Andrew should win for sure

  262. Trudy says:

    I vote for Megan and Andrew

  263. Binks says:

    All of these pictures are great! The Blumes are such wonderful photographers. If I have to choose, then Megan and Andrew are my vote.

  264. Matt says:

    Andrew and Megan for sure!

  265. Pete says:

    I vote Megan and Andrew! They are great people

  266. Rachel says:

    This picture captures Megan and Andrews personality so well- I love the picture and them!

  267. A.B. Kaplan says:

    Megan and andrew are hotttt, just like this picture. Its fun, playful, and gorgeous!

  268. Irina says:

    Andrew and Megan get my vote. By far best looking of all couples..

  269. Sean Williamson says:

    Andrew and Megan! Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, and beautiful pictures!!!

  270. Carolyn says:

    Megan and Andrew, of course!

  271. Forrest says:

    Megan and Andrew’s picture is so cute

  272. Michelle says:

    I vote for Megan and Andrew

  273. Hannah says:

    It was my honor to be a part of this beautiful wedding. Megan and Andrew are the best!

  274. Elise says:

    Megan and Andrew are so photogenic, and the location of this picture is perfect

  275. Laura Jopling says:

    Kelli and Brian are so worthy! An amazing couple! Wonderful wedding!

  276. Gina says:

    Megan and Andrew! Beautiful pix!

  277. Gina Faulkner says:

    Megan and Andrew were beautiful!

  278. Socrotiff says:

    I vote for Megan & Andrew

  279. Debbie Elrod says:

    Megan and Andrew Cumming, beautifiul wedding great pictures. WIN!!!

  280. abby says:

    Megan and Andrew! A beautiful couple!!!

  281. Krista says:

    Sarah and Jim. I just love the red and the personality captured!

  282. Kara says:

    Jim & Sarah. Such a gorgeous and fun wedding for wonderful people!

  283. Andy Tran says:

    Sean you are a magnificent bearded man. All the best with Colleen!

  284. Sandy says:

    Sarah and Jim may you always love each other so much the you continue to float away with the wind

  285. Alice J says:

    I vote Sarah and Jim! Beautiful pictures captured a beautiful and fun couple!!

  286. Jessica says:

    Sarah & Jim! Loved all of their pics & the way all of the unique details were captured so perfectly!

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    Megan and Andrew. great pics.

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    Megan and Andrew. best picture.

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    Megan and Andrew.

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    Megan and Andrew!

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    Andrew and Megan.

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    Megan and Andrew. Beautiful pictures.

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    Megan and Andrew. Awesome pictures.

  294. Mark says:

    Andrew and Megan.

  295. John says:

    Megan and Andrew. Beautiful wedding and pictures.

  296. Mo says:

    Andrew & Megan

  297. Miheer says:

    My vote’s for Sean and Colleen! What a great looking couple!

  298. says:

    Allison Bastecki and Chris Bastecki !!!

  299. Heike says:

    Lauren and Seth

  300. Lauren says:

    Brian & Kelli!!

  301. Wesleigh says:

    Brian and Kelli! Beautiful couple inside and out!

  302. Jessica says:

    Seth & Lauren!!!! They are as beautiful a couple in person as you photographed them on their BIG day!

  303. Tricia says:

    Megan and Andrew

  304. Kathy Fransioli says:

    Vote for Seth and Lauren!! They are as amazing inside as they are on the outside. Both are dedicated and loving teachers!!

  305. Christy Hallmann says:

    Brian & Kami!! Beautiful pictures of beautiful people!!

  306. Caitlyn says:

    Kami & Brian.
    But you guys are awesome!

  307. jen says:

    Kami and Brian

  308. Margaret says:

    Brian & Kami are the best of friends & their love for each other is captured beautifully in their pictures!

  309. Michelle Herren says:

    Seth and Lauren get my vote!

  310. ann fillingim says:

    Brian and Kelli’s pictures were excellently done!! They totally captured the joy and love that Brian and Kelli feel! I’m a little bit partial, but there’s NO DOUBT their pictures are the BEST!!!!

  311. Larry fillingim says:

    Brian and Kelli were the subjects of some awesome photographers. There were NO bad pictures in the huge number of pictures taken. They are a beautiful couple, and the photographers did a superb job of showing that!

  312. Barrett says:

    My vote is for Allison and Chris- a beautiful picture and couple!!

  313. Lindsey says:

    Kami and Brian…absolutely stunning!

  314. Crystal says:

    Kami & Brian!!! Beautiful! ❤️

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    My vote is for Kami & Brian. You lovebirds look fantastic!!

  316. Sherry Cox says:

    Brian and Kami…beautiful.

  317. Kami says:

    Kami & Brian “of course”!! Why? Because Brian is the most amazing groom EVER!
    And have to agree with all of the folks…you guys are spectacularly talented photographers!! Thankful for Caitlyn’s recommendation of y’all!!

  318. Brittney says:

    My vote’s for, Megan and Andrew!

  319. Kay Peterson says:

    Brian and Kelli, beautiful pictures of your special day!

  320. april says:

    Such lovely photos but my vote is for Sarah and Jim. A beautiful couple on the inside and out!!

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    Kami and Brian all the way!! Absolutely amazing!!

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    Kami & Brian- best folks I know and she rocked that workout to get super fit for the wedding! Absolutely stunning 🙂

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    Kami and Brian!!! Love you guys and your pics are gorgeous!

  325. Brittany says:

    Jim and Sarah in Ashville….loving the red balloons!

  326. Tracy says:

    Jim & Sarah (a.k.a. Dragonslayer)! She’s one of the most creative and generous people I know!

  327. Betty says:

    Loving couple, welcome to Brian, hope she can keep up with you! Ha!Ha! or you keep up with her!

    blessing to you both!

  328. Terri Henson says:

    their love shines like the sun glistening in their pictures. Beautiful people, beautiful pictures!

  329. Allison and Chris have the most beautiful pictures of all!

  330. Megan Gorham says:

    Brian and Kelli! Beautiful images!

  331. Mike Lancaster says:

    for Brian and Kami…beautiful

  332. Lori fitzhugh says:

    Kami &Brian: Beautiful couple! Beautiful wedding! Amazing photos!!

  333. James T. says:

    My vote goes to Adam and Jess!

  334. Megan Den says:

    I love Adam and Jessica’s photo!

  335. Sam says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  336. Brendan says:

    I vote Adam and Jessica!!!

  337. Aaron says:

    My vote goes to Adam and Jessica!! Awesome photos!

  338. Quinn says:

    I’m voting for Adam and Jessica! Good luck guys.

  339. Maury says:

    Adam and Jessica all the way! Beautiful pictures and a beautiful couple!

  340. Judy says:

    I vote for Adam and Jessica!

  341. Becky knoll says:

    Love love love Binks and Adams pictures! The pic in front of the law building is awesome!!!

  342. Jamo says:

    Adam and Jessica!

  343. Alex Farmer says:

    I vote for Jess and Adam.

  344. JB says:

    Adam and Jessica. Good luck y’all

  345. Shirley says:

    I vote for Brian and Kami. Beautiful day for a wonderful couple.

  346. Jennifer says:

    Chris and Allison!! Best photo! First it’s an interior shot with just ambient lighting. Second, the reflection is an amazing capture.
    And they are beautiful people!

  347. Rebecca Finn says:

    I vote for Kelli and Brian! I love how you guys captured their joy and love!

  348. phillipblume says:

    🙂 I’m glad you thought it was just ambient light — means we did our job blending our strobes well! Thanks!

  349. Robert says:

    My baby bear is so beautiful and I love having her in the family. My vote is Megan and Andrew- this picture is great!

  350. Alaina says:

    Megan and Andrew!

  351. Jeff says:

    I vote for Megan and Andrew

  352. Rob says:

    These are all cool pics, but my vote goes to Megan and Andrew

  353. Karen says:

    This picture is fabulous! Megan and Andrew should definitely win

  354. Sandra says:

    I love and appreciate artistic quality, and Megan and Andrew’s picture is the essence of excellent artistic quality. Great job Phillip and Eileen!

  355. kathy says:

    Adam and Jessica! Great pictures!

  356. Chuck says:

    megan and andrew

  357. Karen says:

    Kami and Brian – what a true testament to love!

  358. Julie Magardo says:

    Brian and kami

  359. Colleen Coon says:

    Brian and Kami get my vote! Beautiful day and beautiful pictures.

  360. Brian McMillan says:

    Brian and Kami. Kami is the love of my life and looks absolutely beautiful in the pictures. I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing wife.

  361. Rais says:

    Kami and Brian! Beautiful couple!!

  362. amy delguercio says:

    I vote for Kami and Brian. The joy in the faces and love in their hearts is undeniable. All the photos are beautiful, but this one makes me cry every time I see it. Definitely a winner!

  363. Brian says:

    Brian and Kami! Kami is the love of my life. She was absolutely beautiful and I thank y’all for capturing her and our special day perfectly.

  364. Atish says:

    My vote goes to Adam and Jess. Great pics!

  365. Tanna Glover says:

    Brian and Kelli hands down. Such a sweet pic of a sweet couple!

  366. Kenyon says:

    Kami and Brian are the best!

  367. Lezlie says:

    Kami & Brian, you can see the love you feel for each other in the way you look at each other!

  368. Gail Dobbs says:

    The photograph of Lauren and Seth is breathtaking and should be on the front cover of all Bridal Magazines!

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