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If you are engaged, you're in the right place! Congratulations on embarking on this new and exciting journey. We'd love to help ease some of the stress that comes with wedding planning by guiding you through our process and seeing what the Blume Wedding Experience is like.



Authentic connections are what we live for! Far more important than any place or thing, we believe people matter most. We hope you feel the same way.

As both artists and passionate supporters to our couples, we spend a lot of time with you. We’ll plan together, celebrate together, and (if we have our way) stay connected across the many happy years of your new life!

If you feel a connection to us, please don’t leave without letting us know! Will you drop us a quick note to say “hi”?! It would make our day, and you can be sure you’ll get a very enthusiastic reply in return.  

let's get together

Because we’re able to serve only a very few new Blume couples each year, we always prefer to meet you in person first! After we hear from you, we’ll confirm that your wedding date is still available and then help you schedule a time to visit us here at our cozy studio.

During our first meeting, we’ll enjoy drinks together while we walk you through every thoughtful detail of the Blume wedding experience, answering all your questions (even some you didn’t know you had!), and letting you put your hands on samples of the heirloom artwork we’ll be creating for you! 

Of course we know an in-person meeting isn’t always possible, especially for our couples overseas or planning destination weddings. If that’s your case, don’t worry! We can plan a second-best option to meet you via Skype instead.

Most importantly, we just want to see your lovely faces.. and allow you to feel completely thrilled about commissioning “two crazy kids like us” for this very personal body or work that you and your family will cherish for generations.

“Shouldn’t saving the wedding date be my first step?” Great question! Yes, our calendar fills up quickly. But as long as your date is available, we always focus on keeping your best interest at heart. So we’ll offer a time to meet you and answer all your questions first.

Since several couples might inquire about one wedding date at the same time, we aren’t able to place any date “on hold.” If this makes you feel anxious about losing the date, we understand.. and we can help!

We’re happy to share our contract with you in case you’d like to pre-sign it and have it ready when we meet. Or in many cases, we’re happy to schedule an initial phone meeting with you, after which you may book immediately; then we’ll still meet later to begin planning your engagement session and wedding day. Our goal is to make sure this special time is easy, fun, and memorable for you!          

save the date
engagement session

Your Blume engagement session will be anything but “ordinary.” We treasure this time getting to know you and capturing your joy leading into marriage!

If you or your fiancé is nervous about being in front of the camera, don’t worry. You aren’t the only one. In fact, that’s the best possible reason to have your engagement session before your wedding day!

This is our wheelhouse! We guarantee, within minutes you’ll both feel totally comfortable and confident in front of our cameras. You’ll learn our best “tricks of the trade” so you can shine in all your portraits from now onward. And we’ll learn a lot observing how you two interact when there’s no schedule or guests to attend to. Just the two of you.. and one very memorable date night!  

Your studio Premieres will be a highly anticipated highlight of your wedding experience! Most of our couples bring entire families and their friends along for the fun. There’s plenty of room and always a warm welcome!

We’ll all gather at our studio for drinks, refreshments, and — most importantly — to unveil your finished images for the first time! During the Premiere, our couples and their families also receive VIP access to our specially priced menu of artwork options.     

At your wedding Premiere, we’ll help you select your favorite images and begin to design your heirloom wedding book!

(If you’ve also commissioned us to produce a cinematic wedding film, you’ll walk our “red carpet” during the Premiere to watch it for the first time in our studio theater.)     

the premiere
Your wedding day

In our travels around the world, we’ve noticed weddings are honored across cultures as the most important celebration in life. And there’s a good reason for it…

Your wedding may last just one day. But it will be an unforgettable day that marks the beginning of something beautiful. Something hard. Something meaningful.

It’s the beginning of your marriage. And if we could offer you just one piece of advice, it would be this: Make the focus of your wedding day your marriage.

Be true to yourselves. Celebrate big! Or celebrate small! Invite everyone you know. Or gather only your dearest friends. Or elope. But starting from day one, focus on your marriage.

Marriage is the hardest thing we’ve ever done. It’s also the best thing. When we open our wedding album today, we usually do it as a “bedtime story” for the three sweet kids squirming in our laps. They point at the pictures and giggle.

We have to laugh a little, too. We were starry-eyed kids on our own wedding day, and we never could have imagined the challenges or adventures God had in store for us. To be honest, we weren’t prepared for it — and that was okay. Because the strength we needed for this often happy, sometimes sad, always beautiful adventure was never inside us anyway. Instead, we’re constantly finding strength in each other, as we rely on God’s grace and work as a team.

That’s what we do now, and we’re so blessed! We get to work as a team, encouraging couples in their marriages, and creating visual legacies that bring the whole adventure full circle.  

The Blume Signature Wedding Experience*  begins at $4500.

All-inclusive Collections range from $5500 to $8000.

Engagement session coverage begins at $300.



*Every Blume wedding collection includes two photographers, an heirloom wedding book, and wedding day digital images. All-inclusive collections also have a complimentary engagement session.