Bokeh Podcast Interview, with Nathan Holritz

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Ready to apply some simple marketing psychology (that works!) to your Website design?

For example, is it time to move your About page? We explain this basic concept and more in this interview on Bokeh Podcast with Nathan Holritz — walking through our very minimalist (but strategic) new website design!

We don’t speak “techy.” But we’ve learned good marketing is mostly just CLEAR COMMUNICATION!

We recently recorded this episode in the middle of the desert in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, during the Showit UNITED conference. And Nathan and we even got to discuss our unusual, shared connection to Japan! Seriously, this was one of our most fun, natural, entertaining interviews ever! (Thanks, Nathan!)

Hey! No better time to tune in to a great new podcast, right?! Listen right here…

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Does your website describe you as more than just a photographer?⠀⠀
In episode 87 of the Bokeh Podcast, Phillip and Eileen Blume share how they turned their website into a personalized client experience that allows potential clients to connect with them. Listen in as they share how a trip to Guatemala gave them the confidence to adapt their business model to base solely on connection with clients and how that idea impacted the complete redesign of their Showit website.
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