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It’s time for the 10th ANNUAL Blumes’ Lovebirds Contest! That’s right folks: we’ve been doing this for a decade, and it’s one of our favorite traditions. We need you to vote for your favorite finalist couples below! Help us to honor these amazing couples and spark joy in their marriage through putting gorgeous artwork on their walls.

2020 was a different year, no doubt – but that didn’t stop these lovebirds. Whether masked and distanced or small and intimate, these couples made it work! To thank those who welcomed us into their lives, invited us to capture their stories, and gave us the honor of creating heirloom photographs for their families to cherish forever, we’re providing a fun giveaway to start this new year!


Just write a creative and encouraging note for your favorite couple in the “Comments” below (at the very bottom of this page)! Be sure to include their names!

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  • The couple with the greatest number of comments on this post (in the “Comments” section below) will receive a beautiful 16×20 gallery wrapped canvas, from our home to yours!
  • Every couple who receives at least 25 votes will win a retouched print image,
  • Every couple who receives at least 50 votes will win a mounted enlargement,
  • Bonus: Every voter — that’s you! — is also entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. After all, any friend of these sweet couples is a friend of ours!


The Blumes, Phillip & Eileen

P.S. To vote now, leave a creative comment below (on THIS post – not on the individual wedding blog posts) that includes your chosen couple’s name! We’d love to hear from our regular Blume Blog readers, too. (Which couple gets your vote!?) We’ll count comments – one per person – through April 2 and announce the winner!

Ashley and Kiro are Lovebirds

Ashley & Kiro

Primrose Cottage | Atlanta, GA

The Blumes


Steph and Chris are Lovebirds of 2020

Steph & Chris

Silverthorn Farms | Athens, GA

The Blumes


Linda and Evan are Lovebirds

Linda & Evan

Little Gardens | Atlanta, GA

The Blumes


Iryna and Robert are Lovebirds of 2020

Iryna & Robert

Courthouse | Athens, GA

Blume Studio Artists


Norah and SInan are Lovebirds

Norah & Sinan

Chateau Elan | Braselton, GA

Blume Studio Artists


Ti and Eric are Lovebirds of 2020

Ti & Eric

The Atrium | Atlanta, GA

Blume Studio Artists


Cammie and Jacob are Lovebirds

Cammie & Jacob

Little Gardens | Atlanta, GA

Blume Studio Artists


Melanie and Austin are Lovebirds of 2020

Melanie & Austin

Oconee Brewing Company | Greensboro, GA

Blume Studio Artists

  1. Andrea Boley says:

    Linda and Evan,
    After a challenging year of COVID postponements, your wedding was truly beautiful! And although there was a bit of rain, it was symbolic of how life can be – a bit of rain here and there but with each others’ love and support, you will make it to the rainbow ( as your beautiful wedding photographs show!).

  2. Lo says:

    Ashley and Kiro,

    What a beautiful wedding celebration right before the lockdown hit- little did we know it would be the last time we’d all be together. Thankful we were able to celebrate and see each other and hope we can celebrate together again soon!

  3. Roxann Taylor says:

    Linda and Evan,
    Through all the obstacles that 2020 had placed in your path, your beautiful smiles are a testament to your success as a couple. Live long and prosper!

  4. Catherine Tran says:

    Panda (Linda) and Evan,
    Your wedding day comes and goes, but your love will forever grow! And thanks for letting me grow alongside you :)))
    Don’t forget, we still need to plan heidi & Milos wedding. You think the Blumes will make a special session for doggos??

  5. Lisa says:

    Linda + Evan- what beautiful pictures!! I can absolutely see the love between y’all 🙂

  6. Trinh says:

    Linda and Evan Boley, wishing you guys happiness and love forever!

  7. Fabiola Rojas says:

    Linda & Evan,
    I wish you two the best as a married couple! May you learn from each other and lean on one another through your marriage in the good and bad. Beautiful wedding photos! Best wishes to you both!

  8. Terry says:

    Linda and Evan. Beautiful people who show that love can weather through all seasons; in life and in love. 🖤

  9. Carine TAN says:

    Ashley & Kiro

    Thank you for inviting us and sharing such precious memories. These photos bore testament to the happiness all round & may you love each other more everyday.

    So much had happened in an unprecedented manner since. Take care as you work tirelessly & selflessly in a global fight against the pandemic.

  10. Jess says:

    Ashley & Kiro

    Ashley, as in the message in your gift to me – “..a wife tomorrow… a daughter forever” I am so thankful that God has given me a priceless gift in you. And I am so grateful that He brought Kiro and you together! Timing of your wedding before the lockdown is impeccable and to be able to celebrate the joy with loved ones from near and as far as Asia is precious. As you two love birds have to temporary live apart due to residency and fighting the pandemic, I admire the commitment and the sacrifices made to fly to meet each other as lovebirds do!
    In God’s beautiful timing the season will come when you lovebirds can fly together and start to build your love nest at the right place He plans for you.

  11. Andrew Goh says:

    Ashley and Kiro
    So glad to be at your wedding. It was such a blessing and joy.. Really love your photos

  12. Monita Loy says:

    Beautiful couples and the Best demonstration of the union of 2 amazing cultures in this United land of America. The love between them and the blessings from their families and friends were captured so beautifully in the pictures. Lovely all the way!

  13. caroline nguyen says:

    linda and evan yay

  14. Darrian says:

    Dear Linda & Evan,

    Thank you for allowing me to spend time with you on your special day. I’m grateful to continue to witness the value that your union creates within the world, and I pray that your love will be everlasting!

    Best wishes,


  15. Diante D says:

    Linda and Evan,
    Thank you for allowing me to celebrate this special day with you. It was truly a night to remember and reminded me of a fairy tale. I wish you both the best and can’t wait to see what the future will bring. Just like the wedding, I’m sure it will be a sight to behold!

  16. Sherry Tran says:

    Linda and Evan,
    Wishing this beautiful couple the best of wishes!

  17. Melissa says:

    Linda and Evan
    Very beautiful pictures! I Wish you all the best!

  18. Abigail says:

    Linda and Evan

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!!

  19. Beth says:

    Ashley and Kiro,

    Honored to celebrate your special day right before the lock down. Can’t asked for a more beautiful day than that day! God’s abundant blessing to both of you.

  20. Etim Nkereuwem says:

    Linda & Evan!!!

  21. Dion says:

    Linda and Evan
    Such a beautiful couple ❤️

  22. Steven says:

    Linda & Evan!
    Wish them nothing but the best! Also let’s pull a shiny Charizard together Evan 🙂

  23. Alyssa Fountain says:

    Linda and Evans wedding was so beautiful, and persevered even through the rain!

  24. Andy says:

    Linda and Evan are pretty neat!

  25. Aaron says:

    Evan and Linda,

    What an amazing time throughout the entire wedding experience! Happy for you both, now would you take your honeymoon yet jeeeesh.

  26. Jordan Ashcraft says:

    Ashley and Kiro y’all are the cutest most fun loving couple I know! I know you have such a beautiful life ahead of you!

  27. Karen says:

    Love Ashley and Kiro! Such a sweet couple!

  28. Kylee Miller says:

    Congratulations Ashley and Kiro!

  29. Laura says:

    Ashley and Kiro!!

  30. Elizabeth Barton says:

    Ashley and Kiro!!!

  31. Andrew Roman says:

    Ashley and Kiro are a great couple and they had a beautiful wedding!

  32. Grace says:

    Ashley and Kiro,

    What a beautiful wedding photo!!

  33. Meg says:

    Ashley and Kiro- seriously the cutest couple!

  34. Blake Foxworthy says:

    Kiro and Ashley! Beautiful photos!!

  35. Megan says:

    Ashley and Kiro- the best!

  36. Leah says:

    Congrats Kiro and Ashley!!!

    All our love,
    The Bittles

  37. Liz says:

    To Ashley and Kiro, congratulations to such a beautiful couple!

  38. Monica says:

    Ashley and Kiro,

    Congrats!! Love u both!

    Monica Makram

  39. Macie Wilkins says:

    Kiro and Ashley are amazing!

  40. Michael says:

    Kiro and Ashley, what a ceremony, what a day, what a couple you are, what a way to celebrate holy matrimony, and what a way to honor and celebrate the LORD! Thankful to have these pictures to commemorate this beautiful day!

  41. McGee says:

    Ashley and Kiro,


  42. Laura says:

    Ashley and Kiro!!
    Such a sweet and inspiring couple!

  43. Katie Dantes says:

    Ashley and Kiro,

    Such beautiful people captured so well! Congrats you two!!

  44. Tanzeh Metzger says:

    Ashley & Kiro! Stunning photos and an absolutely beautiful couple ❤️

  45. Gabriel says:

    Ashley & Kiro, still smiling ear to ear when I see your wedding pics! You’re both amazing and I can’t wait to see how you inspire one another and those around you now that you’re together!

  46. Enas Roman says:

    Ashley& Kiro
    My sweet love, your wedding was one of the most beautiful day of my life.
    You gave us chance to see our family before the lockout
    Kiro, I saw you proudly before my eyes, and I always prayed to our Lord that he would give you a beautiful bride from his hand. I thank God for his grace. Our Lord rejoices your heart and fills your home with happiness and love
    Love you both so much

  47. Hunter says:


  48. Melissa Leslie says:

    Ashley and Kiro are the cutest!!! ♥️

  49. Jon Fakhry says:

    Kiro and Ashley,
    Beautiful pictures. Woot woot

  50. Marina Zakhary says:


  51. Marina Zakhary says:

    Congratulations Ashley and Kiro!! You guys are such a beautiful couple!

  52. Christina says:

    Congrats Ashley and Kiro!! Beautiful wedding pictures!

  53. Merna Bottros says:

    Ashley and Kiro,
    Beautiful wedding and pictures ❤️❤️

  54. Steven says:

    Ashley & Kiro,

    You are a very special couple and God has blessed you with a smile that makes the world a better place. Here’s to a long, happy life with the one you love. Wishing you the best, forever and always.

  55. Aaron Fan says:

    Ashley and Kiro, beautiful couple! Many blessings to your future marriage together!

  56. Jesseca Paulsen says:

    Ashley and Kiro — congratulations!!! 💕

  57. Kevin says:

    We love Ashley and Kiro!!!! The sweetest friends.❤️

  58. Carly says:

    Wooo Kiro and Ashley!! Congrats!!

  59. Maia says:

    Ashley and Kiro forever!!

  60. Ryan says:

    Kiro and Ashley,

    Two of the greatest! Beautiful both inside and out. Here’s to many years together!

    Ryan and Margaret

  61. Abby Riegle says:

    Ashley & Kiro
    Congratulations on your beautiful marriage! May your love for each other continue to grow each and every day and may you be blessed with boundless joy!

  62. Adam says:

    Congratulations, Kiro and Ashley!

  63. Brad says:

    Ashley and Kiro are the embodiment of love! Congratulations!!

  64. Xavier Williams says:

    Kiro and Ashley,

    Congratulations to you both! Such incredible people with loving hearts.

  65. Mariah says:

    Ashley and Kiro,
    How lovely to see the joy on your faces in these photos! You are an amazing, inspiring couple. I’m so excited for the day when you finally get to be together 100% of the time!

  66. Bella says:

    Wow oh wow, what a beautiful wedding for wonderful people! Congratulations Ashley and Kiro!!

  67. Austin Wheeler says:

    Kiro and Ashley

    What an amazing couple and a wonderful celebration. These pictures are amazing. Congratulations!

  68. justina says:

    ashley and kiro!! so cute

  69. Vida says:

    Ashley and Kiro!
    Your picture makes my heart smile. May your love age like fine wine and may your God sustain you as a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

  70. Kelara says:

    Congrats Ashley and Kiro!! Best couple and so sweet!!

  71. Goeto Dantes says:

    Congratulations Ashley and Kiro! Honor to be with you both!

  72. Kelia says:

    Kiro and Ashley!! Y’all are a beautiful couple! Prayers for continued love and joy in y’all’s eternal journey as one!

  73. Lyndon says:

    Ashley and Kiro, beautiful couple <3

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