Lovebirds 2024 | Winners Announced

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The votes are in and it’s time to announce the winners of our “Lovebirds of 2024” contest. The highest number of votes go to, drumroll please…

James and Jordan! Congratulations, you two! As a result, this couple will receive a beautiful signature edited, gallery wrapped 16×24 canvas for their home.

Our 1st runners-up are Ryan and Donna, who will receive a lovely signature edited 12×18 mounted wall enlargement!

Additional runners-up are Kelley and Chuck, whose family and friends sent them enough vote-love for a beautiful custom wall portrait!

The voter with the best comment was Conrad S. Congratulations, Conrad — you’ve helped your friends, Dalton and Berkeley, win a custom portrait. Plus you’ve won a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate for yourself! Your winning comment was so thoughtful and poetic, too:

“My vote is for Dalton and Berkeley.
Destiny had deigned, designed and optimized every onlooker and participant to know this pairing was ordained and solidified in love. Hearing the words ‘I Do,’ we glimpsed for the slightest of blinks in the eternity of time, the warmth that lord in heaven reserves for that most holy of sacraments, true love. Love unblemished and forged in a mutual promise that regardless of circumstance, peace will be with them in the vows they made to one another. Promising that in sickness in and in health death would never part them.
Congratulations buddy
– Conrad S.

Thank you, Blume blog readers, for the love you all poured out for your friends, our amazing 2024 couples.

Thanks to The Hay House, Macon GA, Mattison Farm, Lincolnton GA, Primrose Cottage, Roswell GA, and 9 Oaks Farm, Madison GA, for hosting such beautiful weddings for these winning couples!

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