Lovebirds 2024 Vote | Choose your couple of the year!

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View last year’s Lovebirds Contest finalists here.

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  1. Vivian says:

    James and Jordan absolutely beautiful

  2. Eileen Blume says:

    We love all of our couples!

  3. Kelli says:

    Berkeley and Dalton
    Sweetest couple and such a beautiful day with family and friends!

  4. Lina says:


  5. Tammie Norman says:

    Jordan and James, beautiful wedding venue, beautiful couple and beautiful photographs!!!☀️

  6. Marcia Smith says:

    Krissy & Drew y’all look amazing!!!

  7. Barbara says:

    Jordan and James both look amazing! A special couple!

  8. Behren says:

    Jordan & James had the most beautiful wedding!! We love y’all!!

  9. Katie Gerrits says:

    Lauren and Matthew. Such a beautiful picture to remember their special day! 🫶🏻

  10. Laurie Hawks says:

    Love Berkeley and Dalton’s wedding and photos! There were some very special moments captured!

  11. Janet Deas says:

    Jordan and James so proud to have been a part of your special day ! Everything was so beautiful and the photographers the best , put everyone at ease ! Love you !

  12. Patty Arthur says:

    James and Jordan had a perfect day to begin their lives together!

  13. Lena Baston says:

    Congratulations, James & Jordan!

  14. Aries says:

    Jordan & James…a beautiful couple and family!!!

  15. Berkeley Sharpe says:

    Berkeley and Dalton! We love marriage!

  16. Darcy says:

    Kenzie & Todd, October 14, 2023
    Absolutely magical!!

  17. Lynne Peer says:

    Jordan and James, beautiful wedding and every detail covered

  18. Dylan Arthur says:

    Great day on the farm

  19. Dylan Arthur says:

    James and Jordan great day on the farm

  20. Dee Dee Holmquist says:

    Kelley and Chuck, your wedding was beautiful. . . So many Wonderful memories to look back on. It was so much fun!! Can’t believe it’ll be a year in June. Love, Mom and Dad. 💗💗💗

  21. Sharon Halula says:

    Lauren and Matthew, your wedding was such a beautiful and heartwarming occasion.

  22. Anna Kate Hefner says:

    Jordan & James were absolutely stunning!!!

  23. Nicky Smith says:

    Jordan and James are the perfect couple and are so involved in our community. My vote goes to them!

  24. Renee Guthrie says:

    Jordan and James
    Beautiful couple and setting

  25. SIlvia C Scandar says:

    Lauren and Matthew
    Beautiful couple! Beautiful wedding!

  26. Cassandra Smith says:

    James and Jordan such a beautiful wedding!

  27. Becca Goldman says:

    Jordan and James couldn’t be cuter! A horse drawn carriage?! Are you kidding me?! <3

  28. Taylor Creek says:

    James and Jordan, a beautiful day spent celebrating a beautiful couple 💕

  29. Charlynn Collins says:

    Jordan & James, your wedding was as beautiful & unique as the two of you are! God bless❤️

  30. Jo says:

    Jordan & James- “simply” beautiful ❤️

  31. Teresa Wengrow says:

    Jordan and James are a wonderful couple. I am quite fond of the both of them!

  32. Elisa Carnes says:

    Ryan & Donna! The wedding was a beautiful representation of your love for one another: perfect! 😍 I still get emotional looking through the memories captured by The Blumes.

  33. Susan Stone says:

    Ryan and Donna look amazing! Congratulations!!

  34. Nickie Settambrino says:

    Ryan and Donna!! Absolutely gorgeous, Congratulations!

  35. Dorothy Carnes says:

    You did a great job at Ryan & Donna Carnes Wedding

  36. Kaye Bazal says:

    James and Jordan Spratlin’s wedding was beautiful. Your photos captured their special day.

  37. Amber Capell says:

    Jordan & James!! My classy cowgirl bestie 😍🥰

  38. Kaye Bazal says:

    James and Jordan’s wedding was beautiful. Your photos captured their special day.

  39. Kelly Torbett says:

    Ryan and Donna
    I was blessed to attend this beautiful wedding

  40. Kenzie Eliason says:

    I may be a little biased but I think that Kenzie and Todd couple look pretty dang cute and heard their wedding was really magical 💕

  41. Grace Jacobd says:

    It was an incredible day! 🫶

  42. Pam says:

    Beautiful couple!

  43. Pam says:

    Jordan and James are a beautiful couple!

  44. Pete Benson says:

    Kenzie and Todd amazing wedding

  45. Brittany Lewis says:

    Ryan and Donna!

  46. Fran Spratlin says:

    James and Jordan had the most perfect wedding … unique for each of their personalities ❤️

  47. Ernie Guthrie says:

    James and Jordan
    Love this couple. Beautiful photos.

  48. Velda Aycock says:

    Beautiful wedding James and Jordan

  49. Harrison O’Connor says:

    James and Jordan’s wedding was so much fun.

  50. Barbara says:

    Donna and Ryan..your wedding looked magical as I’m sure it was!

  51. Tracy Bagley says:

    Kenzie and Todd! I love your love!! Your wedding was so much fun and memorable!!

  52. Gay says:

    Kelley and Chuck gets my vote!! They are a Wonderful couple and very Special people too!!

  53. Jack Sharp says:

    Kenzie and Todd for sure!

  54. Nancy Dawkins says:

    Love the photography and flowers! James and Jordan had the perfect wedding!

  55. Amy says:

    Amazing pictures of a beautiful couple and their magical wedding

  56. Conrad Sharpe says:

    My vote is for Dalton and Berkeley.

    Destiny had deigned, designed and optimized every onlooker and participant to know this pairing was ordained and solidified in love. Hearing the words “I Do,” we glimpsed for the slightest of blinks in the eternity of time, the warmth that lord in heaven reserves for that most holy of sacraments, true love. Love unblemished and forged in a mutual promise that regardless of circumstance, peace will be with them in the vows they made to one another.

    Promising that in sickness in and in health death would never part them.

    Congratulations buddy!

  57. Kelley Barrett says:

    Chuck and I loved working with the Blumes to make our wedding day perfect 🩷🩷🩷

  58. Ellen says:

    Kelley & Chuck! Beautiful people with beautiful hearts 💕

  59. Chuck says:

    Charles and Kelley are so beautiful ❤️

  60. Chris says:

    Kelley and Chuck are an amazing couple and the photos are great!!

  61. Heather says:

    Kelley and Chuck 💕

  62. Tammy Barrett says:

    We love Kelley and Chuck so much! We hope they win!

  63. Chuck Barrett says:

    Kelley and Chuck are my very favorite! Love love love them!

  64. Brandy says:

    Kelley and Chuck❤️❤️❤️

  65. Mark says:

    Perfect day with the beautiful couple, Chuck and Kelley, family and friends.

  66. Pam Delozier says:

    Kelley & Chuck, your day was magical and I love reliving every moment with ever pic!

  67. Pam Delozier says:

    Kelley and Chuck, your day was magical and we get to relive every moment with these magical pics! Love you 💗 Aunt Pam

  68. Pam Delozier says:

    Kelley & Chuck made memories for a lifetime captured in these pics💗

  69. Dennis Delozier says:

    Best capture of a beautiful wedding with these pics!

  70. Leslie Calhoun says:

    My vote is for Chuck and Kelley Barrett’s wedding! Lovely pictures

  71. Kara Mulvey says:

    Kelley & Chuck 💕

  72. Taylor Hurst says:

    Kelley and Chuck❤️ amazing wedding!

  73. Jenny Carrico says:

    Kelley & Chuck ❤️

  74. Dave Leyerle says:

    Kelley and Chuck are an incredible couple, beautiful inside and out. Their wedding photos are stunning!

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