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It’s time for the 12th ANNUAL Blumes’ Lovebirds Contest! Your favorite couple made the finals.. now it’s time to vote for your winners — and help us spark joy in their homes with gorgeous artwork for their walls!

To thank every couple who welcomed us into their lives and trusted us with their history, we’re providing this fun giveaway to celebrate Valentine’s week! (There’s a prize in it for you, too!)


Just write a creative and encouraging note for your favorite couple in “Comments” below (at the very bottom of this page). Be sure to include their names!

You can also Share This On Facebook to spread the fun, and get even more votes!

  • The couple with the greatest number of comments on this post (in the “Comments” section below) will receive a beautiful 16×20 gallery wrapped canvas, from our home to yours!
  • Every couple who receives at least 50 votes will win a custom mounted enlargement,
  • Every couple who receives at least 25 votes will win a retouched print image,
  • Bonus: Every voter — that’s you! — is also entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. After all, any friend of these sweet couples is a friend of ours!

The Blumes, Phillip & Eileen

P.S. To vote now, leave a comment below (in the comments section of this post). Be creative and include your couple’s name! We’d love to hear from our regular Blume Blog readers, too. (Which couple gets your vote!?) We’ll count comments – one per person – through March 1 and announce the winner!

Brittany & Branden | photography by The Blumes
Historic Smithonia Farm, Colbert GA

* * *
Lindsey & Nick | photography by The Blumes
Primrose Cottage, Roswell GA

* * *
Megan & Jim | photography by The Blumes
255 Milledge, The Hardeman-Sams Estate, Athens GA

* * *
Lauren & Andy | photography by The Blumes
The Factory at Walton Mill, Monroe GA

* * *
Cammie & Greer | photography by The Blumes
Rhodes Hall, Atlanta GA

* * *
Lori & Doug | Photography by The Blumes
Primrose Cottage, Roswell GA

* * *
Ashley & Nicholas | photography by The Blumes
Montaluce Winery, Dahlonega GA

* * *
Randa & Andrew | photography by The Blumes
Flint Hill, Norcross GA

* * *
Erika & Alden | photography by The Blumes
The Magnolia, Pigeon Forge TN

* * *
Katey & Rodney | photography by The Blumes
Jefferson Church, Jefferson GA

* * *
Kate & Drew | photography by The Blumes
Flint Hill, Norcross GA

* * *
Emily & Austin | photography by The Blumes
Lanier Islands, Lake Lanier GA

* * *
Christina & Dean | photography by The Blumes
The Athens House, Athens GA

* * *
Marisa & Cory | photography by The Blumes
The Mill at Yellow River, Porterdale GA
  1. Rodney says:

    Ah, this brings back so many great memories! I love you Katey! I vote Katey and Rodney 😁

  2. C Kesler says:

    Rodney and Katie have my vote!

  3. Cheryl Kesler says:

    Rodney and Katey Kesler are the most perfect couple. Both of them trusted God as they waited patiently for him to bring them together. Many years passed, and then suddenly, they found each other, at church! They are a true gift from God to each other. This mama’s heart is happy. I love you Rodney and Katey❣️ God is always an on time God🙌🏻 I’m very thankful that Katey is now a member of my family.

  4. Lesley says:

    Rodney and Katey are the sweetest couple and some of my best friends!

  5. Sherry Shepherd says:

    Rodney and Katey Kesler, May you have many years of happiness together!

  6. Gina says:

    Kate and Drew Naber!!!

  7. KL Davis says:

    Giving my vote to Kate and Drew!

  8. Alexis says:

    Kate and Drew Naber are a wonderful couple, they have my vote!

  9. Don Davis says:

    Roses are red, Violets are blue.
    I cast my vote for Kate and Drew!
    Their love is grand, through trials they stand,
    And share their hearts with me and you!
    (PS – I’m an engineer. This is as good as my creativity gets.)

  10. Sondra Brown says:

    Kate & Drew Naber have all my votes! Gorgeous!

  11. April Beem says:

    Rodney and Katey Kesler! ❤️❤️

  12. April Beem says:

    Rodney and Katey Kesler

  13. Lori Davis says:

    Kate and Drew had a beautiful wedding – you took their engagement pictures and wedding pictures and they were just beautiful! Thank you for being there and making the pictures so special and fun!

  14. Lucie says:

    Kate and Drew Naber! They are the perfect couple and the photos perfectly captured their day. They absolutely deserve this!

  15. Suzanne Brown says:

    Definitely Kate and Drew!! Such beautiful pictures of their absolutely perfect day! Kate and Drew…two very special people! ❤️❤️

  16. Gwyn Reeser says:

    Love Kate and Drew Naber

  17. Lisa Cioffi says:

    Kate & Drew… a love that’s true!! ❤️

  18. Home Mel Wells says:

    Kate and Drew Naber’s wedding was so beautiful! They were so joyful and happy! This picture says everything about that special day!

  19. Jennifer F says:

    Ashley & Nicholas are an amazing couple. Their day was perfectly captured!

  20. Alan says:

    Awesome wedding for Ashley and Nick back in October. Here’s to many happy, healthy, and prosperous years together!!

  21. Scott webb says:

    Ashley and Nicholas wish you all the best. Your photos were incredible.

  22. Mary Beth Webb says:

    I vote Ashley and Nicolas!!!! Beautiful venue, beautiful couple!

  23. Chris says:

    Ashley and Nick!

  24. My vote is for KATE & DREW NABER 🤍
    My best friend of so many years ever since I moved to GA back in 2006. So happy I got to be a part of her wedding and see her marry a great guy that is just right for her! 🍾To Kate and Drew!🍾

  25. Erin says:

    Kate and drew are my choice! So cute❤️

  26. H Nelson Holland says:

    Beautiful pictures of the Blubaugh wedding!

  27. Amy Dombrowski says:

    Kate and Drew are my vote! The love and spirit of fun they share shines through in the photo.

  28. Tiffany McElroy says:

    Rodney and Katey Kesler! Great photo, great couple!

  29. Pat Holland says:

    Ashley and Nick are such a fun loving couple and had a beautiful wedding at Montaluce

  30. Tommy Holland says:

    Ashley & Nicholas have my vote… Nice photography coverage…

  31. Stephanie kutchback says:

    Ashley and nick blubaugh wedding was stunning!! it could not have been a more perfect fall day in North Georgia!! The photos could not have been more beautiful!!!

  32. Jessica M says:

    Ashley and Nicholas are just stunning!

  33. Rebecca Shepeard says:

    Ashley and Nick are such a wonderful couple! Wish you many many years of happiness!!

  34. Faye Webb says:

    Ashley and Nicholas, beautiful wedding, beautiful couple.

  35. Priscilla says:

    Ashley and Nicholas ❤️❤️

  36. Tim George says:

    Ashley and Nick beautiful wedding!

  37. Dani says:

    My vote is for Nick and Ashley Blubaugh their vineyard wedding was just beautiful and it was just an honor to be a part of their special day!

  38. Meg says:

    Nick and Ashley’ s photo is great. Beautiful!

  39. Jamie Armour says:

    Nicholas and Ashley Blubaugh had a fabulous wedding with gorgeous photos and I know they will have a fabulous life.

  40. Parker says:

    Ashley and Nick are my choice!

  41. Ashley says:

    October 1, 2022

    Best Day Ever!!!

    Ashley and Nick

  42. S Hamann says:

    Wishing you years of happiness, Ashley and Nick!!

  43. Pam Adams says:

    Nicholas & Ashley, Loved every minute of your beautiful wedding! I know you’re going to have a lifetime filled with lots of happiness & love! ❤️❤️

  44. Charles Armour says:

    Loved the wedding for Nick and Ashley! Beautiful couple in a beautiful location!!

  45. Kelley Ferris says:

    I vote for Ashley and Nicholas. Beautiful photos, venue, and couple!

  46. Jess says:

    Best wishes to Ashley & Nicholas! May your life together be as beautiful as the day you became one was captured.

  47. Amanda Blubaugh says:

    Ashley and Nicholas! One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended. Love to you!

  48. Amanda says:

    Nicholas and Ashley! Most beautiful wedding

  49. Sue Bienacker says:

    Ashley and Nicholas, of course! Beautiful photos ❤️

  50. Phillip Kesler says:

    Rodney and Katey Kesler! Definitely a marriage made in heaven! I will always cherish the memories of their wedding day. It was beautiful! They are the perfect couple!

  51. David says:

    Ashley & Nicholas are my vote. A fabulous photo – their looks at each other in a beautiful vineyard

  52. Maggie says:

    I vote for Nick and Ashley. Beautiful wedding and beautiful couple!

  53. Ashley lopez says:

    Ashley and Nicholas have the most stunning pictures!! That backdrop… just gorgeous.

  54. Emily Davis says:

    Wish I were back at the winery with Ashley & Nick! Beautiful day, amazing photographs.

  55. Cathy says:

    Loved celebrating your wedding Ashley and Nicholas!! Fabulous day!!

  56. David says:

    Ashley & Nicholas! What a fantastic photo – their looks and the beautiful vineyard! Superb.

  57. Allison Hollins says:

    Ashley and Nick
    You captured every moment of their perfect day! Prayers for many Happy years together!

  58. Jayden Irvin says:

    Ashley and Nick
    Beautiful wedding, perfect couple

  59. Greg George says:

    I vote for Ashley and Nicholas . The photographs really catured their special day .

  60. Martha Hulsey says:

    Katey and Rodney are the sweetest couple. Rodney waited just about as long as I did to marry. He had a hard time trusting his heart with just anyone. Then Katey came along….
    They met at church and were in the same small group. See how God works? When hope was gone, He ordered their footsteps. They did not meet by accident, It was ordered of the Lord.
    They are fun, loving, and happy. To know them is to love them! I think they deserve the prize for the best couple! 💕

  61. Nicholas Blubaugh says:

    I loved the pictures.
    Ashley & Nicholas

  62. Penny fair says:

    Ashley and Nicholas, beautiful wedding, beautiful couple.

  63. Whitney A Smith says:

    Ashley and Nick’s wedding was beautiful, just like they are. Winners for sure!!!

  64. Kathryn says:

    Ashley and Nick get my vote.
    Beautiful wedding. Beautiful couple.

  65. Brenda McClure says:

    I vote Kate and Drew!

  66. David Davis says:

    Kate and drew Naber!

  67. Ashley Barnard says:

    Kate and Drew!! Gorgeous wedding and perfect couple <3

  68. Deanna says:

    Ashley and Nick get my vote. I’ve known Ashley since I was 11. Loved seeing her marry someone that loved her the way we always hope someone will. Beautiful moments!

  69. Riley says:

    Ashley and Nick! Such a beautiful wedding weekend.

  70. Alison Cash says:

    Ashley and Nick! A beautiful wedding, and a timeless picture! Amazing pictures and venue! Love ❤️

  71. Carol Strangwsy says:

    Katey and Rodney!
    So genuine and funny. I love how they love each other.♥️

  72. Lesley says:

    Rodney and Katey are the best!!

  73. David Clarke Kesler says:

    Katey and Rodney just an absolutely beautiful couple and to know the foundation of the family structure makes it even more beautiful I vote, Katey and Rodney… ❤️🌹👩‍❤️‍👨

  74. Beth Cook says:

    The look of pure happiness, joy and love captured in your faces on this special day has continued in your daily walk with each other. Katey and Rodney get this mama’s vote!

  75. Beth Cook says:

    The pure joy, happiness and love captured in your faces this day has continued in your marriage. Katey and Rodney gets this mama’s vote!

  76. Eryn says:

    Kate & Drew ♥️

  77. Frances Holland says:

    My vote is for Ashley and Nicholas. Beautiful wedding and gorgeous pictures.

  78. Claire says:

    Kate & Drew!

  79. Jessica Rowe says:

    Katey and Rodney have my vote. Laughter is critical in a marriage!

  80. Austin Jay Ivie says:

    Couldn’t ask for better friends to support than Kate and Drew! Love you guys!

  81. Andrew says:

    I’m very partial to Kate & Drew

  82. Katey Kesler says:

    I cannot believe I get to be married to Rodney Kesler! I vote Katey and Rodney!!!

  83. Kelli Conway says:

    I think Kate and Drew should win!

  84. Paige Strahan says:

    One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. Wishing Ashley and Nicholas a lifetime of happiness!!

  85. Chris Strahan says:

    Ashley and Nick should win!

  86. Hannah Plumb says:

    Kate and Drew Nabor should win!! That’s my vote 🙂

  87. Augusta says:

    Kate and Drew!! ❤️

  88. Katie says:

    Kate and Drew!

  89. Connor McKenzie says:

    Kate and Drew should totally win! Love the pictures of everyone here!

  90. Connor Mckenzie says:

    Kate and Drew should totally win! Love seeing all the happy couples receiving some stellar photos though!

  91. Marla Ezell says:

    Jim and Megan get my vote!
    A day we will never forget. The Best Doods (their dogs -Murray and Wilson), the beautiful music performed by Athena Quartet and the exquisite evening ceremony! We can’t forget the especially lovely couple-may your love continue to grow! ❤️

  92. Marla Ezell says:

    I vote for Megan and Jim. A day we will never forget….their Best Doods-dogs Murray and Wilson! The beautiful music by string quartet-Athena and the exquisite evening ceremony! May your love for each other continue to grow ❤️

  93. Preston mayo says:

    Katey and Rodney Kesler are the best couple they bring out the best in each other and are great people too

  94. Christie Marsh says:

    Brittany and Branden! This picture captures their love beautifully!

  95. Cindy says:

    Brittany and Braden have my vote!!

  96. Jeff Lott says:

    I absolutely loved working with Lauren and Andy.
    Gorgeous couple and beautiful pictures!

What do you think? We love to read and reply to your comments! So make the most of it!