jesica & matthew are married!!

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i would love to see jesica and matthew’s love story played out on the big screen. i think it would be something like “the wonder years” meets “the princess bride” — minus andre the giant and the sword-fighting spaniard. (and no pit of despair. although there may be room for an R.O.U.S. or two in there.) i’m talkin’ apple pie young love that blossomed into a fairy tale romance. you don’t come across that stuff every day, folks. jesica and matthew met when they were just kids. correct me if i have the story backwards, jesica, because this could be a little hard to believe — but, as i recall, you developed a little childhood crush on matthew before he took notice. is that right? anyway, over time and through a thousand untraceable steps, this young don juan and his girl next door became friends, then more than friends, then high school sweethearts, then — finally — man and wife. one.

i can’t think of a higher note to end this remarkable year on. jesica and matthew’s wedding was one amazing celebration. and it was so good to celebrate it with their families and friends, many of whom have become friends to us over the course of 2010. of course amanda and drew were there — amanda pulling down matron of honor duties — along with a slew of close friends who have been lucky enough to watch these two crazy kids grow into the remarkable couple they are today. congratulations, you two! we’re so happy for you. can’t wait to see what the new year holds for you… and the one after that… and the one after that… and the, well, you get the idea. in the meantime, merry Christmas! we’ll see ya soon!

(p.s. true story:  it only just occurred to me that both “the wonder years” and “the princess bride” are fred savage joints. what on earth made me think of fred savage after all these years? is it possible matthew bears some previously undetected resemblance to the child actor prodigy? *theme from “twilight zone” plays*)

i confess:  i envy matthew his superhuman tie-tying skills. look at that unparalleled knot! of course, his groomsmen were equally envious — and grateful they didn’t have to resort to clip-ons.

i was surprised that, of the weddings we photographed this year, comparatively few brides and grooms saw each other before the wedding. (i guess some traditions die hard.) however, i must say, there’s something very special and tender about that private “first look” when a couple see each other before the ceremony. documenting this kind of moment is definitely one of the high honors of our job. a real joy!

perhaps a future set of star-crossed lovers?..

…or perhaps the future isn’t so far away. 😛

i get a kick out of this image every time. these kids clearly have never eaten cake this way before.

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  1. geigy says:

    golly she’s a beautiful bride….good work Phillip!

  2. Emily Eisenhart says:

    GORGEOUS photos, phillip! And a GORGEOUS bride:)

  3. Kathy Jesica's Mom- says:

    WOW! These are gorgeous! Phillip and Eileen I can’t thank you enough! When all is said and done……our pictures will last forever!

  4. Jesica says:

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful!! They truly capture every moment of our special day! We can’t thank you enough and can’t wait to see the rest!! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!!

  5. Jan-Matthew's Mom says:

    The pictures are breathtaking!!! Thank you so much for the very special moments you captured…Phillip and Eileen…you guys are phenominal!

  6. Drew Hall says:

    Man! That matron-of-honor is smoking hot! (and the photos are superb as always)

  7. Sheri - friends of the family says:

    The photos are Amazing!!!! You guys did a great job, of course great couple to photographe too:)

  8. Richard (Father of the bride) says:

    Great pictures!!! Thanks Phillip & Eileen for a great job.

  9. phillipblume says:

    @everybody. eileen and i are so stoked that you love the images we captured. what a beautiful wedding — due in no small part to the pure joy on all your faces! (of course, it’s impossible to keep that joy from leakin’ out a little when you’re celebrating a couple like jesica and matthew.) thanks for all the love! enjoy each other this Christmas. make it a happy one! 🙂

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