Watch the first Teaser Trailer for “Small Group” the movie!

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UPDATE: See more from Small Group the movie now, get the backstory that led to our involvement, and buy your tickets now!

We’re more than a little excited to reveal (for the first time to the public)…

…the first teaser trailer for the new movie Small Group! Eileen and I are honored to have played a “small” role in the production of this stand-out movie from Limesoda Films and director Matt Chastain.  Now we just can’t wait to share it with YOU!

This first trailer is a great tease, but it only scratches the surface.. this is one of those unforgettable movies that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, will inspire you, and overall is just so much FUN!!

Especially poignant for us, the film takes an intimate look into conditions in Guatemala and features the real places and faces behind Engadi, the non-profit we’ve worked with ever since our 2011 documentary film there. (More about that story and the journey to a big-screen script later…)

Keep your eyes open for Small Group in a theater near you.. and beyond our film footage from Guatemala, you might even catch a glimpse of me (Phillip) in my first “breakout” (and awkwardly hilarious!) speaking role. Coming Soon!

– The Blumes, Phillip & Eileen

P.S. Go see “Small Group” at select theaters near you, opening Friday, Oct. 19. Some early screenings have already sold out, so pre-purchase your tickets online by selecting your city/available theater here.

P.P.S. If “Small Group” isn’t yet scheduled to come to your city, request a showing at your favorite theater. (Yes, technology really makes it that easy!) First click Gathr a Screening, then request your favorite theater and time to host a special big-screen showing for you and your friends (or even your small group)! 😉


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  1. Carol Corina says:

    I’m anxious to attend the Small Group movie that I understand is to be shown in our Athens AMC Theatre on October 19th. However, I need to know the TIME of the movie. Please let me know. Thank you.

  2. So pleased to see so many of our Athens friends involved in this (ad)venture!

    Love that your Lost Boys get a shout out in the film, too!

    Missing all y’all at home in Athens and looking forward to seeing it all on the big screen!

  3. phillipblume says:

    Hi, Carol! Thanks, and we’re so glad you’ll get to see the film soon! Yes, Small Group is opening nationwide and, like other films, will have many times available to watch. (The more successful it is, the longer it will stay in theaters.)
    Some early screenings are sold out already. So I recommend pre-buying your ticket online here: Just enter your zip code, select your theater, then buy your tickets!
    (**Yes, there are still some cities where Small Group is not scheduled to open yet. If we’re scheduled in YOUR city, there’s an option to “Gathr a Screening” — which allows you to request Small Group for a special screening in those cities. Technology is amazing, isn’t it?! :D) Enjoy!

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