Picking the Ideal Outfit for Your Winter Engagement Photos

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While weddings are commonly associated with the warmest months of spring and summer, the latter part of the year also offers something special. Just like Emily and Austin’s undeniably adorable engagement session, if you get engaged during autumn your engagement shots at this time will be set against the backdrop of some of nature’s prettiest scenes. A winter engagement shoot also offers a number of breathtakingly different elements to work with, which can result in the perfect ethereal images.

The key to achieving this is to stay warm so you can keep it natural and capture your genuine emotions! As such, there is an indispensable value in taking the time to carefully choose your winter outfit for the photo shoot. 

Here’s what to remember when picking out an ideal outfit for you winter engagement photos:

Proper timing

Given the unpredictability of snow or how quickly the sun may set, proper timing for a winter shoot is everything. Midday light may also be a little too harsh and the brightness reflected off the snow can result in some unpleasant facial expressions. We agree with photographer Rachel Nielsen’s advise to start at about 4pm to maximize the snowfall and capture the perfect lighting — but it depends on the date and your geographical location, so consult your photographer when scheduling. This will also cast a shimmering effect on you and your partner, so wear colors that will look good with the cast of subtle light.

Wear more natural clothes

Don’t wear anything uncharacteristic to what you’d normally wear for the sake of this occasion. Wear what you normally would during the winter season as this will make you feel comfortable and look more natural. Experimenting too much will result in awkward and visibly uncomfortable shots. Harper’s Bazaar suggests some model off-duty looks which will help you look effortlessly chic. Chances are you may have some of these pieces in your closets already, so just style them differently.

Accentuate your best characteristics

A winter engagement outfit looks best if it complements the current season, fits properly, and flatters your body type. This lightweight hooded jacket from Woman Within made from pure cotton shows how you can wear a simple yet fashionable top that still checks all the boxes of comfort, fit, and design, making it an ideal outfit for your engagement photo shoot. Choose the color that suits you best and pair it with your most flattering bottoms, keeping in mind that solid colors help bring more attention to your expression.

Bundle up

Wearing the wrong outfit in the wrong season can make you look like a total fashion victim. In this regard, don’t be afraid to bundle up. If you want to show off a particular layer or sweater but are worried about looking bulky, there are a number of options on Style Craze that will let you cover up using functional base layers made with quality materials like merino wool and thermasilk. Starting with nice warm layer will give you more freedom to work around an outfit.

Stick to two outfits

Forget the idea of changing multiple times as you will only hassle yourself with all the layers that will mess up your hair and makeup. To change up your look or elevate an outfit, Marie Claire features a selection of winter accessories you can use to spice it up and that will surely photograph well. You don’t need too many outfit changes to get some good shots. You wear the outfit; it doesn’t wear you.

Winter engagement shots evoke a sense of warmth and comfort in some of nature’s best settings––snow, frozen lakes, and gorgeous soft lighting. Let your love keep you snug and cozy, while complemented with the right outfit to make you look and feel like the very best version of yourself.

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