Outdoor Lighting, Posing & Direction For Photo Shoots

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About This Class

Outside the Blumes’ studio, Phillip Blume begins by photographing a model with natural light and in open shade. He talks through how he prepares a space to achieve the composition he imagines. Next

he provides a strong crash-course in “rules” of posing, but also explains when and why to break the rules — all with a classic dose of Blume fun and humor! You don’t want to miss this..

..err, well by the look of these clips that might be debatable… lol 😀

Beyond posing, you’ll learn how to provide direction that evokes emotion in your subject. Uniquely, Phillip shows us “what not to do” of posing and then how to correct it, revealing the resulting improvement in the images.

Finally, you’ll follow Phillip into a tricky lighting situation, under the green cast of a hotly lit forest canopy, to bring both posing and lighting techniques together for a dramatic shot!

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