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I felt my voice catch in my throat as Jason answered the phone. “I just saw the footage you got. This is amazing,” I said. “How can we help?!”
Jason and his wife Natalie (our friends and the talent behind Hales Photo) share our passion to heal lives where they’re being destroyed.

While I worked last year with our non-profit partner in Guatemala, Jason traveled to gather footage in India, where amazing work is happening through She Is Safe!    

It’s hard to put into words, but watch this short video we helped Jason produce and you’ll see the breath-taking transformation in these girls!

She Is Safe is changing the lives of girls all over the world impacted by human trafficking. Find out more about their important work. / (Includes clips courtesy of She Is Safe and Hales Photo)

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. So we want you personally to know how important you have been in the lives of the very girls you see in this video, as well as boys and families we serve throughout the year in Guatemala, Uganda, and beyond.

She Is Safe works to free girls from human slavery, in India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Myanmar, Nepal, the United States, and North Sudan

With 17 years of working in high-risk areas around the world, [She Is Safe has] developed practical steps to foster lasting transformation in women, girls, and communities – for this generation, and for those who follow.


Every time you…

  • celebrated your family’s preciousness in portraits
  • learned in our photography workshops, or
  • allowed us to tell your life story in a beautiful wedding album

you helped us in our mission to heal lives — precious souls who deserve to live and celebrate just like the rest of us!

You probably know a portion of all our proceeds go to charities Blume Photography supports (including Engadi Ministries and Compassion). But even more important, your partnership has allowed us to continue 10 years of telling stories for voiceless people who deserve to be heard. And you have listened to them!

May we all celebrate, remember, and honor the ones we love. Your family is a model of that life! Because of it, girls and boys who lived without hope also have a chance to experience the love you are blessed with!
Always remember how powerful your simple acts of love are. 🙂

Donate to the life-changing work fo She Is Safe during Human Trafficking Awareness month. Click here to learn more and give.

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