International Women’s Day spotlight // Meet the women behind “us!”

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It’s International Women’s Day! We’re proud to stand alongside ShootProof today as they shine a light on the strength and value of every woman!!

At Blume Photography, we believe everything worth doing is achieved in community. So we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to just a few of the women who’ve helped shape us into who we are. They are all super smart, ambitious, and run incredible businesses of their own; we consider ourselves blessed beyond measure that we get to join forces with them in creative collaboration:

(Top Left) Kiyah is such a talented artist, powerful and sweet spirit, and an integral part of our associate photographers team here at Blume Studios; she will quietly brighten your day, and at the same time she is a force to be reckoned with. (Top Right) Jill is our “right-hand woman” in community-building, making our local Atlanta TriggerHappy community an amazing place to belong; she’s a joyful soul and wonderfully quick wit who leaves us in stitches. (Bottom Left) Sophia is our dear friend and has collaborated with us on Blume projects; she lives fully and passionately from her heart, works alongside to make TriggerHappy wonderful, and is our fellow advocate in the adoption/foster world; she pours herself out for the sake of others.

(Bottom Right) That’s me — Eileen Blume. I’m an American. I’m a Filipina. I’m a Believer. My husband Phillip and I are Blume Photography; but as you can see, we aren’t alone.

I’m a photographer, a mother of three, a daughter, a sister, an entrepreneur, an advocate, and (despite my strongly introverted nature) I seek to be a warrior for change! I’m humbled and flattered to be highlighted by ShootProof this way today. Sure, I’ve had to be a go-getter to raise my personal “ceilings” and to achieve the many things that weren’t handed to me on a silver platter. But not every woman has the ease or opportunities I have. Surrounded by the amazing women you see here, I am inspired to be more — to make a difference for every women who relies on us to do something. Let’s do it together, ladies!

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