Excited to be featured in Georgia State Homes!

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We were recently featured in this truly flattering article, Awarding Winning Photographers Team Up in Athens to Form Blume Photography. It’s kinda funny for us (and gives a lot of perspective!) to see our story summarized this way. I especially like how this writer explained our surprising shift from “accidental” part-time photographers, to full-time artists with a much bigger Vision!

(Just can’t believe my calling Eileen an “over-achiever” and some other personal bits got included. Haha! Guess that’s what I should expect when talking “on the record.”)

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Here’s a clip from the article: “The award-winning husband and wife team behind Blume Photography became professional photographers by ‘a sort of happy accident’…. They began receiving requests for wedding photography from complete strangers and their professional careers quickly took off. That was just the beginning of their meteoric rise…” (Continue reading the full article here...)


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