Colleen + Sean | Wedding at Foxhall Resort, Douglasville GA

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You’re going to fall in love with Colleen and Sean. Well, at least we did. You may never get the chance — as they just walked out of our studio (but hopefully not out of our lives) to drive to their brand new home in Washington D.C.  We’ve also loved getting to know their friends and Colleen’s parents especially. Eileen got to photograph and celebrate a traditional Greek wedding ceremony with them all before this celebration at Foxhall (while I was speaking at the ShutterFest conference in St. Louis). Then she photographed this, their long-awaited wedding with friends and family, which included our cinematography on the big day! It couldn’t have been more fun, more laid back, or more beautiful. Yes — whether you meet them or not — I think you are going to fall in love.

(Don’t miss their wedding day highlights reel below — a trailer for their forthcoming wedding movie!)
Congrats, Colleen and Sean. Now, I’ll let you two have the floor… 😉

How they met:
“Colleen’s roommate in medical school (Miheer) was Sean’s roommate at UCONN (college). Colleen and Sean met when Sean came to NYC to visit Miheer one weekend. ”

Colleen, what’s something you love about Sean?
“Sean is the most selfless and patient man I know. He literally would do anything if he knew that it would make me smile. Speaking of which, he is an expert at making me smile. He is also very handsome with a very manly beard!”

Sean, tell me a little about your bride:
“Colleen is the most beautiful and loving person I know. Her ability to be in sync with my needs never ceases to amaze me, in a way that between us things have always just been so easy. We are alike in all of the ways that matter, and different in enough that it never gets old. She is my partner in crime, for always.”

What would you like your friends to say about your wedding:
“We want our friends to say: ‘That was a great time!’ We sat down at the start of wedding planning and identified the three things that mattered most to us (with regards to the reception) –  great music for dancing, great food and drink, and a beautiful outdoor venue. We want everyone to walk away feeling like they’ve had an amazing time because we got those three things right! Also regarding the ceremony itself, we want our friends to say: ‘That ceremony was beautifully written and perfectly expresses the love Colleen and Sean have for each other!'”


Vendor Details //

Venue … Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club, Douglasville GA
Wedding Coordinator … My Simply Perfect Wedding, Summer McLane
Hair & Makeup … Andrea Minter
Florist … Bold American Events Design, Kristine Finke
Caterer … Bold American Events, Nicki Collins
Baker … Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop
Band … A-Town A-List
String Quartet … Armonico
Stage Rental … A-1 Rentals
Photo Booth and Outdoor Sound … Ampd Atlanta
Photography … Blume Photography
Cinematography … Blume Photography

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See the rest of Colleen & Sean’s wedding images below, or view and order prints.

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