Celebrate Life: The Why behind The Blumes

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We all need a “why” behind the work we do. And more than that, we need a “why” for living. Is it really that important? Absolutely, because a strong purpose guides every choice you make, and your choices ultimately add up to determine where you go in life.

When Eileen and I began our photography business, my “great ambition” was basically “don’t starve.”
We certainly weren’t imagining how we could thrive or even use our business to change the world…yet! But it didn’t take long for our business approach to flip completely upside down. It took us going through our own struggles as newlyweds to realize that we really needed was a clear sense of Purpose.

Ultimately, we realized that our desire to grow the photo business and help people didn’t have to be two separate things. We could choose to live with a unified mission: for us that became “to celebrate life and reclaim life where it is being destroyed.”

So that’s what we began to do. We recently got to share the detailed first steps of that journey (and how they changed out life!) with Jed Taufer, the wonderful host of “This Conversation” podcast.

If you want to view all the different parts of the interview, you can listen to the conversation here, but it’s also available on Spotify below.

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