The Best of 2018’s CYBER MONDAY Deals | for Photographers!

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Last week we shared the 3-Part Rule we use to shop holiday sales responsibly: 1.) limit ourselves to two educational tools, 2.) only two new “toys”/pricier gadgets, and 3.) always take advantage of the season’s savings on tools that will pay us back in the next 6 months!

Today we filtered our shopping cart full of “toys” through The Rule, and you can look below to see what came out safely on the other end!

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First, here are our TOP favorite educational and business/software solution sales:

Huge savings start at 50% and go as high as 67% (for both NEW MEMBERS and CURRENT MEMBERS — like us!)
Eliminate chaos in your business! The complete studio-management solution, we use 17Hats to automate and manage all our businesses including The Blumes, Blume Babies, our associate studios, ComeUnity Workshops and more. Automation via this powerful software is why we have a real life outside of business!

40% off first year for new users, and existing ShootProof users can upgrade their plan and get 40% off their next year.
Gorgeous photo galleries and powerful sales tools. The hub of our studio’s print sales, ShootProof helps us focus on what matters most by automating online sales. Print sales account for 70 percent of our studio’s income — largely thanks to the amazing tools in this intuitive software!


SmartSlides & SmartAlbums
The Pixellu family of software changed our design life, and made us 10x more productive. We use SmartAlbums not only to design full wedding and family albums in minutes (instead of hours), but with Cloud Proofing we can also collaborate and edit album designs with our couples.. in real time, without a single email exchange!!! SmartSlides makes slideshow creation a breeze and marketing fun!

Maximizing Mini Session eCourse + Toolkit by The Blumes (incl. bonuses!) –
We had an fantastic response on Black Friday to our popular Maximizing Minis eCourse, the unique system we use as an “engine” for all our photography businesses. So decided to extend our one BIG offer for you into Cyber Monday today: 70% OFF the previous sale price for our complete Maximizing Mini Sessions eCourse + Toolkit (incl. bonuses)! You get lifetime membership, hours of video education and templates, inclusion in our private mastermind group, and more! Click to take a closer look and decide if the system we and other photographers use to grow our businesses is right for you!

Now, back to the “toys!”:

Save 10% on B&H. Only $269 (usually $299)
Absolutely my favorite flash on the market. This one revolutionary unit, amazingly, works for all our cameras — Canon, Nikon, Sony and more! (Just be sure to get a brand-specific Godox trigger or on-camera flash to control it.) It’s the size of an on-camera flash yet packs in powerful strobe-like power, and the tiny removable battery has crazy fast recycle times. (I use my AD200 through two to three weddings before it needs a charge, yet it fits in my pocket!) This new one will be a backup unit for me, or I can combine the two for even more power!
Related: Full-featured Godox V860 on-camera flash … only $149, (usually $179) Note: Works as a trigger for AD200, too! Choose your brand-specific flash. I love these flashes so much, way more even than expensive “name brand” flashes!
Save $280 on B&H. Only $719 (usually $999)
This is INSANE, y’all! DJI has never discounted the Mavic Air before (the very best drone available in my opinion, for portability/features/use/quality). Thanks to their newest devices with overkill camera upgrades (too big and not necessary for me!), not only did they mark the Mavic Air down to $899 BUT they marked the least popular white color down to $719. What?! Are you ok with white color? Yeah.. me, too!!
Save $35 each on B&H. Only $81.69 (usually $116.69)
I know, I know!! We’re only supposed to allow ourselves two gadgets! But memory cards are too practical to consider “toys” right? And these are the very best, fastest, amazing, reliable cards for any camera. We love them, and when it comes to safe “backup” workflow you can never have too many camera cards! Great deal!
We decided to share our list with you today because, frankly… these three deals were amazing and are probably at the top of most photographers’ wish lists. We hope they save your business a lot, too!  


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