July 2, 2021

Several years ago, the Hacklemans came for their first family mini session. We loved meeting them then, and it’s been our joy to watch their children grow over the years – and graduate! We photographed Paige’s older sister Claire when she graduated high school, and now it’s Paige’s turn! Paige is a blast to be […]

June 28, 2021

DO YOU KNOW ERIKA & ALDEN? VIEW THEIR COMPLETE ENGAGEMENT GALLERY TO PLACE YOUR PHOTO ORDER. WATCH THEIR FEATURED ENGAGEMENT AND SLIDESHOW VIDEO BELOW! Despite what the pictures may look like, no, this isn’t a fairy tale. Erika and Alden’s enchanting romance is all real. And not only do they love reading a good book together in […]

June 25, 2021

We all need a “why” behind the work we do. And more than that, we need a “why” for living. Is it really that important? Absolutely, because a strong purpose guides every choice you make, and your choices ultimately add up to determine where you go in life. When Eileen and I began our photography business, my “great ambition” was basically “don’t starve.”We […]

June 21, 2021

DO YOU KNOW EMILY & AUSTIN? VIEW THEIR COMPLETE WEDDING GALLERY TO PLACE YOUR PHOTO ORDER. WATCH THEIR FEATURED WEDDING AND SLIDESHOW VIDEO BELOW! Emily and Austin originally planned to get married in May of last year. Then, of course, Covid came and upended all their plans. Thankfully, they were able to have a small courthouse wedding, […]